Processboosting is a Management Consulting Company offering Business Process Management (BPM) Consulting Services based on customer experiences in Automotive Industry and other industries in the last 20 years. 

Processboosting is your partner to define/develop business processes from the scratch to setup a process management as well as to coach you in setting up a strategic and operational Process Management sustainably successful.


- more than Standard Process Consulting

- Mindset Transformers with Fun Factor

“How about a self-running Continuous Process Improvement in your organization?”

Processboosting transforms your corporation in a sustainable process-orientated organization.

With implementation of a mindset based on joy in contributing to continuous growth. 

Employees transform to booster for improvement and growth as company within the company. 

And therefore, Processboosting is different: 

We consult you in developing best processes best to be digitized. On top of this, we transform the organizational mindset to make continuous improvement possible. And this is what we do with #passion#

Our Mission 

  • Create JOY to commonly grow


- the transformation from Pain to Pleasure

Transformation to a process-oriented organization with Processboosting.

Get your own #Processbooster# in your organization.

Be the #Process Optimizer of Tomorrow#.

Benefits of transformation with sustainable raising of productivity and product quality:

  • Pleasure to live Processes with Great Ease

  • Developing processes with Learning Factor and Identification with own Role

  • Joy in Collaboration based on Clear Responsibilities and Process Understanding

  • Joy to actively Contribute to Improvement of Processes